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Soah flowers Kilkenny


At Soah we are committed to providing locally and sustainably grown flowers.

From field to vase we provide an alternative

to the more often than not, unnaturally treated and imported flowers on offer in so many places.

As all our flowers are locally grown, you don't have to think about the air miles or the conditions of the workers (our workers are very happy!). You don't have to worry if the flowers you are buying are covered in unpleasant synthetics or were grown causing pollution to the natural environment. We use only organic growing methods making our flowers safe to handle, be given as gifts and have in your home.


Grown not flown…

A lot of the flowers we grow do not ship well (therefore cannot be imported) allowing us to provide our customers with many unusual varieties that are not commonly available to purchase elsewhere. Think of clouds of billowing dahlia blooms, delicate, delightful nigella (love in a mist), and frothy stems of Queen Anne's lace. A lot of our flowers are heirloom and cottage varieties but as we love ALL flowers, we grow all types. Our big, bold alliums and Dutch irises are as hugely popular as our more vintage style offerings.


We work with the seasons so the variety of flowers we supply is constantly changing. Our season currently starts with narcissus, tulip and hyacinth and over the growing period we harvest a huge variety of flowers including muscari, hesperis, foxglove, ranunculus, anemone, Iris, calendula, sweet william, Icelandic poppy, scented stock, dahlia, shasta daisy, borage, sunflower, snapdragon, bells of Ireland, aster and many, many more.


To get an idea of what flowers are in season pop over to our Pinterest page where we have a month my month guide to our flower availability.


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When you purchase Soah flowers you can be assured that they were grown with the utmost care and love for the world around us. While we are not certified, our farm is organically and sustainably managed.

Being organic means...

that we don't use any nasty sprays on our flowers, always strive to protect our soil for the future and work with nature to create a happy environment for local wildlife. Bees, butterflies, birds, and the boys' favourite - ladybirds - all gather to play and work in our flower fields.


Being sustainable means...

that we are always thinking of future generations when we work. We use as many renewable resources as possible. We are completely peat – free, with the rapid decline of our beautiful Irish bogs we do not use any compost which contain peat moss. We reuse, recycle and compost as much as we possibly can, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.


If you would like to purchase our charming blooms...

Pop over to our web shop and place your order.


Come see us at the market:

The Parade in Kilkenny on Thursdays from 8.30am - 4.00pm

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The Little Green Grocer, Parliament St. Kilkenny.

Rothe House and Gardens, Parliament St. KIlkenny.

Howbert and Mays, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.,

Howbert and Mays, Airfield Estate, Dundrum, Co. Dublin.




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