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staticePropagation & harvesting guides

Please refer to the general growing guide for more in-depth information on growing processes.

Statice sinuata ‘Sunburst series’ 

Height 50cms – 90cms

Flowering approx. 20 weeks from Spring sowing.

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I always include several varieties of Statice in my cutting garden.  They are really easy to grow from seed and are very well behaved out in the ground.  They are so good – sowing them makes me feel like a real growing queen… but the reality is they do all the work!

 Their stems are made up of an abundance of strong, ever-lasting flowers which grow on numerous strong, uniform stems. Blooms can be harvested and used fresh in arrangements or dried to keep as decoration items. Freshly picked stems have an excellent vase life.   The dried flowers will keep for at least a year and are a beautiful addition to wreaths and dried floral art.   Grow then once and you will continue every year!


Sow seeds indoors from February onwards.  Sow into seed compost and lightly cover the seeds.  Germination usually takes place within a couple of weeks – although I often find they have germinated overnight in a warm greenhouse!  It takes about 5 months to get from seed to blooms so it is advisable to start them as early as possible.


Seedlings can be pricked out of their seed tray as soon as they are big and strong enough to handle. I use deep plug trays early in the season as Statice is not cool hardy and cannot be transplanted into their permanent position until all danger of frost has passed – the deeper plug trays allows them to wait more comfortably in the greenhouse until they can be moved outdoors.   I use smaller plug trays later in the year when I want them to root and get into their permanent position as quickly as possible. 


While not necessary - Statice can benefit from plant support as without support sometimes the stems can grow sideways, resulting in twisted stems – especially in a windy location. By using crop support you encourage the plant to grow straight, very usable stems. 

Dead – head / remove any unused flowers to keep the plant continuously flowering for longer – I find I rarely have ‘unused’ stems as this is such a fantastic cut flower I find I’m cutting everything it has to offer every week! 


Statice is a fantastic cut – and – come – again plant. It just keeps on producing!  Their long, straight stems are easy to harvest and have excellent vase life.