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ammiPropagation & harvesting guides

Please refer to the general growing guide for more in-depth information on growing processes.

Ammi majus ‘Graceland’.  Also known as ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’.

Flower colour white

Height 1-1.2m

Flowering approx. 12 weeks from Spring sowing.

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This really is a must have for your cutting garden.  Its delicate, frothy flowers add a wild, natural look to flower arrangements and bouquets and their seed heads are also very pretty and usable.   You will take great delight in harvesting stems and using them in your floral creations.  I sow at least three successions each season, so I never run out!


Sow seeds indoors from March onwards.  Sow into seed compost and lightly cover the seeds.  Germination usually takes place within a couple of weeks.  Seeds are cool hardy so can be sown in Autumn and overwintered outdoors under frost cover.


 As Ammi plants have a long taproot (which once established doesn’t like to be moved) it is important to prick them out of their seed tray as soon as they are big and strong enough to handle.  They can then be transplanted into their permanent position once they have developed a strong, healthy root system.

As Ammi is a cool – hardy plant it can be planted out when there is still a risk of frost – though it is advisable to cover the seedlings with frost cover/fleece to offer them some protection, so they don’t get too much of a shock!


Ammi benefits greatly from staking as it is very susceptible to wind and rain damage. Its big fluffy flower heads are no match for heavy rain and strong winds so give the plants some support and they will return the favour by producing viable stems for a lot longer!

If the flowers are allowed to go to seed then the plants will very quickly finish flowering altogether.  If possible dead – head any unused flowers to keep the plant continuously flowering for longer. 


It is advisable to wear gloves if you have sensitive skin as some people can find the sap a little irritating.  When harvesting the first stems of Ammi it is important to be ruthless and cut the longest stems from the centre of the plant – this won’t leave much of the plant left but it will bounce back with long, strong usable stems.  Only cutting the side branches will cause the plant to only produce shorter, side stems. 

Wait until at least a half to two-thirds of the flowers on the flower head are open before harvesting otherwise the stems will droop post-harvest.