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Funeral Flowers

funeral sheaf

When it comes to sympathy flowers,  we have two options for you to choose from  -  A hand-tied sheaf or a circular floral arrangement.  All will be created in our natural, lush 'Soah' style. 

There are two options with our funeral sheaf:

  • The first is for an all natural arrangement. To make this we condition the flowers really well.  The arranged sheaf is tied with natural materials, so that whole arrangement can be composted afterwards.

  • The second option is for a longer lasting arrangement. To make this we place the hand - tied sheaf in our unique bag to keep the flowers hydrated, cover this with a layer of natural muslin cloth and tie with a satin ribbon.

The two options for a circular arrangement are natural and foam based.

Prices for a natural hand - tied sheaf start at €30 (small) and €45 (large)

 Prices for a hand - tied sheaf in muslin cloth start are €45 (small) and €60 (large)

 Prices for circular wreaths start ar €45.

Delivery charges may apply, dependant on distance.

We do also offer coffin sprays  - both natural and foam based (price on request).  

Unique idea for funeral flowers

If the funeral flowers are for someone who was a keen gardener and flower lover, we can use flowers from their own garden in the arrangement to make it both extra special and personal to them.

Please contact us if you would like to order one of our bespoke funeral arrangements.