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Seed Stories

seed storiesWelcome to Seed Stories Kilkenny Ireland

We are delighted to bring you our collection of specially selected flower seeds.

Each variety has been chosen for its performance as a cut flower and the wonderful addition it brings to a cut flower patch. 

The collection is created to give a variety of colours, shapes and textures to your cutting garden. A range of different colours have been selected along with different flowering times – from early cool-hardy bloomers to those that blossom in the warmer months.

You can purchase single packets or the complete collection over at our online shop…. And make sure to check back in as we’ll be adding new varieties to our selection. 

Each flower type has been grown by us on our flower farm and we have created growing guides for each one based on our own knowledge and experience.  There is also a general growing guide which has some extra growing tips. 

We really hope you enjoy growing these flowers as much as we do and hope that you can look forward to harvesting armloads of gorgeous blooms over the season.

Our range is called ‘Seed Stories’ as we believe every seed tells a story – from seed to bloom. We would love to hear your stories as you progress from sowing to harvest so please feel free to share your flowery world with us via Facebook or Instagram.

All varieties are available to purchase over at our online shop.

Happy growing,

Andy and Orla



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