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Well we got to the end of the year! Though it was more a case of hauling ourselves across the finish line rather than reaching the end of the year having completed all our goals, ticked all the boxes and all round pat-on-the-backs…


After a lovely rest and a think about everything we achieved over the last year I think I can now say that I am so happy with everything we did accomplish, have accepted what we didn’t and can’t wait to get stuck into the year ahead, roll on 2016!!!

The Christmas break was everything I wanted it to be. Lots of eating, sleeping and hanging out with Andy and the boys. Proper family time was something we didn’t have in ages so it was very welcome when it finally arrived. The boys were thrilled to have mam n dad around all day. We snuggled up on the couch and watched movies, played with their new toys and read stories. We gobbled chocolates and stayed in our pajamas all day – heaven! There were so many times during the year when I felt so guilty about my workload and not having enough time to spend with the boys as they would have liked so Christmas was my way of making it up to them. We went to my parent’s house Christmas day and apart form that we didn’t go anywhere. We didn’t want or need to. The weather was miserable and the roads were flooded so we lit a big fire every day and stayed put. I did have times where I’d think about the broken tunnel or the flooding in the field and the huge amount of work facing us in the year ahead. But I didn’t let it get to me, I put it out of my mind and ate another chocolate, life is too short to dwell and overthink.

Senan is now back at playschool and Harry is back to ‘big’ school tomorrow and I too am back to work. I learnt so much last year that I can implement in the coming year. Not just growing skills but life skills also. So many times during 2015 I became completely overwhelmed with everything, the tears flowed and the self-doubt crept in. So this year I’ve had a big think and come up with some resolutions of sorts, some guidelines for me to (hopefully) stick to…

I’m going to stop being so hard on myself and stop comparing myself to others – we are all on a journey, all at different stages.

Don’t try and do everything, make lists and prioritise, do what I can in a day and know when to stop for the day and even know when to take a day off!

I want to appreciate all we have achieved in the last year and know it will take many more to get where we want to be, one step at a time, not twenty!

Make some time for family and friends, far too often I say ‘sorry I’m busy, sorry I’m working’ my family and friends mean the world to me so I need to ask myself if I could finish a little earlier or just take some time out of my day for them.

Be happy and grateful. Everyday.


The highlights of the year (of which there were many!!!) were

Getting to walk through rows and rows of flowers on a sunny day, I had to pinch myself at times.

Harvesting flowers at sunrise and sunset, nothing short of magical.

Growing Bells of Ireland, dinnerplate Dahlias, mammoth Zinnias, Ranunculus and so many other flowers I had dreamed of having on my very own little flower farm.

Being chosen by brides to do their wedding flowers, such a happy, beautiful time, I felt honoured.

Watching my two beautiful boys playing and helping out with the flowers.

Learning something new every day!


I got back up to the farm this afternoon. I had to dig up some dahlias and cover some others. Job that should have been done last year but weren’t. At least we had a crazy mild winter so the tubers are still ok, but as there’s cold weather setting in I want to get them sorted as soon as I can. Last year I dug up all the dahlia tubers, cleaned and stored them. I stored some in sawdust and others in perlite and kept them in crates in the shed. This year I have hundreds more and don’t really have the crates or the space to store them all. So I’m digging up the big doubles and dinnerplates and anemone flowering (Café Au Lait, Diamond Jubilee, Pooh, Ice Crystal, Apricot Sunset and Blue Bayou) to store and the rest I’m experimenting on. I have a full row of dahlias that I grew from seed. They aren’t as big as the others and some are even ear marked for removal altogether so I don’t mind too much if some succumb to the cold. In order to try to protect them I’m covering them with a really thick layer of clippings. I cut down dead foliage from the annual and perennial beds and layered this over the dahlias….fingers crossed it works!

dahlias covered

It mightn't be the neatest..but if it works I'll have saved myself a lot of work protecting these dahlias.  Maybe next year I'll have a lovely low tunnel to put over them...or a least some spare frost cover!

While up there I did have a ‘moment’ I saw my broken tunnel, I thought about the trays of Ranunculus plugs waiting to go into said tunnel, I saw the waterlogged areas and the tons and tons of weeds that needed to be sorted before Spring and just for a moment felt overwhelmed...until…I remembered the resolutions I made only a few hours earlier!! (I wrote the first part of this blog this morning) and quickly pulled myself together, made a mental list, prioritised and got on with my work. While securing some of the frost cover that had come loose in the wind I spied my Hesperis doing really well and squealed with delight as I thought about the year ahead, the flowers I would have and suddenly there was no place else I wanted to be and nothing else I wanted to be doing. Roll on 2016….x


snug hesperis

Snug Hesperis, looking good :)


thumbs up


Looking forward to the year ahead!