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Swings and roundabouts

Up and down, round and round, forwards then backwards…….Running a business is never easy, running a business you’re passionate about is so so difficult because you become so emotionally involved.

A couple of months ago I had one fab day.  The skies were clear and the wind was elsewhere, perfect weather for finally getting the plastic up on the tunnel.  Ended up being just me at the farm that day so I had two choices…wait for another day like today or get on with it. I got on with it.  The tunnel is about 70 feet long so I knew it wouldn’t be easy doing it on my own.  But I tried and the plastic was so heavy I couldn’t get it over the frame.  Then I got mad.  Very mad. I just wanted it done!!  So anger propelled me and I grunted and shouted and after pulling every muscle in my body I got the plastic over and buried.  I felt very pleased with myself.  For the first time in ages I felt strong (had been spending most of my time in the office or studio), it was good to know ‘I still had it’.  The next day I filled a row in tunnel with loads of poppy plugs I had in the greenhouse, thrilled at finally getting these little beauties in the ground.  Last year I grew them in pots as we didn’t have a tunnel up, so was nice to see the progress we’d made.

Then a great big storm came and blew the whole bloody lot down.  We had gone up the day before to make sure it was secure so when Andy came down from the farm to tell me the tunnel was destroyed I didn’t want to believe him.  But he was right.  Funnily enough (tho I wasn’t actually laughing) it was the frame that had collapsed the plastic had remained tucked in the ground.  At lease I got that right….Unfortunately when the frame came apart it ripped through sections of the plastic.  The weather has been so bad since we haven’t been able to take the mess apart so we don’t know if we can salvage it.  For now there’s the collapsed frame with its blanket of plastic. 

I’m just hoping my little poppies will be ok in there until we can rebuild their home.  I am definitely feeling deflated.  But not giving up!  I learnt a long time ago to never take what the weather does personally.  It is far more powerful than me.  I just have to work alongside it as best I can.

Plus, we still have loads of flowers to come! We planted thousands of bulbs last month, have hundreds and hundreds of biennials snuggled under frost cover and have loads of perennials which will be flowering in early summer.  I’ve also got hundreds of both ranunculus and anemone corm in plug trays.  They should have been planted in the tunnel but they weren’t ready in time, luckily for them! So lots to look forward to – Just need to get through the winter first.

And....when the tunnel goes back up......I think I'll leave it to the experts next time....!