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Weddings, weather and whining in Kilkenny!

Well it’s been a whirlwind of a month….My plans for fantastical weekly blog updates complete with beautifully captured and uploaded images didn’t quite turn out the way I’d imagined. I read a lot of other blogs (okay, I did read a lot of other blogs when I had a life outside of work, must get back to that during the winter……) and always wondered why the writers didn’t update more often. Didn’t they realise that I wanted MORE. More info, more musings on daily life, more horror stories that make me feel better about my own parenting/business/people skills. Why don’t they just make a bit more time in the day to throw up a few words on the screen, it only takes a minute surely???

Then I started my own blog….And realisation came to the fore. It isn’t so simple….Firstly you have to have content that is a least moderately interesting, you need to make proper time (when the kids aren’t sticking their finger’s in your eyeballs or the flowers aren’t screaming for attention) to sit in front of the computer and then somehow coherently put words up on the screen (ink to paper is so much more poetic, don’t you think?). Today, thankfully is one such day. I like blogging, I always feel a little bit of a weight off when I write. Maybe it’s because the inner voice that’s been nagging me for weeks to blog has been appeased or maybe it’s because I get to ‘offload’ my thoughts and frustrations into the computer. Don’t therapists always eschew the virtues of writing and good mental health….??

So that’s the whining ‘poor me my life is so hard and I’m so busy’ moan out of the way. Don’t want to spend too much time on that topic because the reality is…..…


Why? Because apart from being obsessed with flowers, I love weddings! I love meeting couples, chatting with the brides about their ideas, hopes and yes, dreams for their day. I feel honoured that I get to have a little part in it all. The excitement, the creativity, the nerves, the little bit of magic that’s in the air when two people are about to commit to each other forever in pure love. There’s nothing like it. I love listening to what ideas brides have come up with and look through their images (thanks Pinterest!) of what they want to create for their wedding. I spend a crazy amount of time looking at bouquet styles, flower installations, vessels and ribbons (I spend an unnatural amount of time looking at ribbon, I’m obsessed) deciding what will work best with each wedding. When I’m up at the farm I’ll see a particular variety of flower that I know will be perfect for a particular bride so will give it extra special attention. Even though it is all consuming I love the wedding itself. Making bouquets and buttonholes, delivering them, arranging the flowers in the ceremony/reception rooms. There’s not much time for sleep during the crazy few days it takes to put wedding flowers together and if it wasn’t for my darling husband handing me drinks and snacks there’s wouldn’t be much food consumed either. I don’t care though, it’s worth it and I love it all.

Wedding pictures form some recent weddings in Kilkenny will follow when they arrive from the photographers….Can’t wait!

At to that topic that everyone talks about when there’s nothing to talk about unless you’re a farmer and then you’re obsessed… THE WEATHER! Come that time of the evening when the news is finished and silence falls over the house (pre-empted by Andy roaring HUSH DON’T YOU KNOW THE WEATHER IS ON!!!!). We watch and wait for Gerry or Evelyn or Andy’s favourite Jean (he’s mesmerized by her outfits...) to hopefully tell us it’s all going to be ok. The sun will shine, our flowers will grow and all will be well….Ha!

It’s not been the best summer, early on it was too dry followed then by weather that was too cold, too wet. But we still managed to grow flowers, lots of flowers. We could have had more though, many more. We were late getting a lot of our seedlings into the ground and the cool weather that followed meant that they just didn’t thrive. The came on SO slowly, they are almost ready now to be harvested and the frost is on its way. Knowing that just as these flowers have reached their best they could all be wiped out overnight is heart-breaking. We know that working with (okay at the mercy of) the weather is all part of the job, but still, a very frustrating part.

Thankfully the flowers in the first field that were planted in May and early June thrived and gave us super harvests, many of them still preforming really well. The lessons for next year – Get seedlings in early. Plant less of each variety so we don’t get overwhelmed by crazy volumes of plugs. Succession sow. And for me personally - get over my need to control everything, have some faith and confidence in my seeds and soil and do more direct seeding. Yes, next year we’ll get it right….or at least get better.