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Ammi to Xanthemum

I haven’t blogged in a while. Am a bit annoyed with myself as the plan was once I started, to keep it up. But then the workload went crazy and my computer was non-existent. It was utterly frustrating but also a tad embarrassing not having a home computer. It was a real struggle trying to keep up with office work. I could send an email on my phone and google something if I needed but anytime I needed to do ‘real work’ I had to head off into town to use my dad’s office.   So you can imagine how often that happened……

So now a quick catch up on what’s been happening.

I had a great idea during the winter months while I was planning the year ahead – to grow as many varieties as possible in order to trial lots of different flowers to see which ones suited our farm and our style of floristry best. Reads like a really great idea doesn’t it?

And so I ordered tons of seeds, and then some more. Everything I could get my hands on from Ammi to Xanthemum and everything in between. I quickly filled up the greenhouse with seed trays upon seed trays. Then came the marathon task of pricking them all out. I was up at 6 in the morning doing it, I was doing it at 12 o’clock at night in the living room (the lighting in our shed isn’t very good), Saturday nights and lazy Sunday mornings disappeared in a whirl of seedling preparations and more seed sowing and the constant scribble of updated notes and ‘to-dos’ being crossed out and replaced.

Then we ran out of space. We filled the first field and couldn’t get the second ready in time. A problem all too common with newbie growers. The grass had to be topped, the soil ploughed and rotovated. Compost had to be delivered, plastic needed to be laid. All of which required planning, money and time (the last two of which we were seriously lacking!!)

So we ended up with thousands of seedlings going nowhere fast. They were quickly filling up their plug trays and getting hungry. They needed to be fed. One by one. We made up big trays of organic liquid feed and gave each plug tray a long soak. Thankfully this worked and though not entirely happy, the seedlings were at least okay for the meantime.

But there were so many, everywhere! Little seedlings, big plants, all around the yard at the house and up at the farm, so many varieties all wanting different things. I became more that a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all. Endless planting, weeding, harvesting, cursing over lost stock - seedlings that were too late going into the ground never picked up, no water supply meant many were so stressed they didn’t recover.

So many lessons learnt the hard way. I’m grateful though for each one. I’ve amassed so much new information, learnt so much about flower farming and most importantly my own limits and what I can actually achieve when I need to.

My catchphrase for the season is ‘next year…..’ Next year most definitely will be better….Ha!