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And the kids came to work

The kids were off play school for the whole of last week – Not ideal! They usually go there in the morning until lunchtime, leaving us a few uninterrupted hours to get as much work as possible done. Last week was different.

When I’m working I love having the kids come and help at little tasks or pop into the greenhouse because they’re curious to see what’s going on. But having them alongside me while I did a full day just seemed like it would be too much for them. Off we went anyways. I packed their wheelbarrows and snacks. I squeezed their car seats into the van and headed up to the the farm. I’ll admit I didn’t expect to get a whole lot done…..

boys in the barrows blog photo


….. But I was wrong, they laughed, played and even helped out while I planted tons of plugs in the ground. Harry was so good, taking his little brother off to play so I could get on with the work and they loved when it was time to have a little picnic on the grass with mammy. When it was time to go home for lunch they were tired so I piled them, their barrows and their little tools up in my wheelbarrow and pushed the whole lot back to the van. We went home and watched Looney Tunes and had lunch. In the afternoon as I was getting on with some work in the greenhouse, they played out in the garden, popping in to see me and ‘help out’ every once in a while. It truly was a great day. My work was slowed down a bit but getting to spend the day with two happy little boys more that made up for it.

A day that started out with ‘how can I manage this?’ ended with ‘when can I do it again?’.

So I did it again. I was looking forward to another day of kids and farm work. The kids were not. They were having an ‘off’ day, tired and clingy. Senan wanted to be carried around koala style while I worked and Harry wanted to do jobs that were too big for him. I gave up. Myself and the boys headed for home and left Andy on the farm to do the two person job alone.

Being a working parent is not easy. Not easy at all. Being self employed does however give us more flexibility when the kids are off school. It won’t always work out, the days it does are fantastic, the days it doesn’t…..well, a day spent with our two little boys, is never a wasted day :)