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Favourite summer blooms

The hard frost has come, much later than last year meaning I had my lovely blooms for much longer than expected. Crazy to think I was still taking orders and delivering flowers in mid-November!

I will miss each and every one of my flowers (except for the few that will not be invited back next year ;-)).

My harvest this year were more abundant, more consistent and best of all I had so many more varieties. This is largely due to trialling so many the first year and figuring out what works best as a cut flower on my little flower farm on top of a hill in Co. Kilkenny.

Some of my top favourites (and now staples) from this summer are:

Icelandic poppies (Papaver nudicaule) -  Stunners, all of them. I haven’t met someone yet who hasn’t gone all soft and gooey-eyed over these beauties.

Ranunculus asiaticus - Such a versatile flower. Sold pretty much every stem of these that I grew. (Growing double next year!)

Feverfew - Tanacetum parthenium (single and double) - Fantastic filler, both in bouquets and wedding arrangements.

Nigella – Every variety of nigella is a unique bundle of joy J

Lupins (Russell hybrids)- Have to include these because I love everything about them. Their quirky shapes, stunning colours and the memories and smiles they bring to my customer’s faces.

Snapdragons (Antirrhinum) - I grew more varieties of this flower than any other, so glad I did! Excellent focal flowers, huge range of colours and very easy to grow.

Dahlias, esp. Café au Laits. Complete showstoppers.

Ammi majus/visnaga, Daucus carota Dara. All excellent fillers, so airy and cottage style, wouldn’t be without them.

Amaranthus caudatus (green and red) - their training stems were fantastic in both wedding work and bouquets.

Ammobium alatum - little tiny star like flowers that are fantastic fresh and dried.

Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’ – Annoying sticky stems (no one likes when it’s their turn to harvest these!) but their wonderful bright green flowers are a fantastic addition to bouquets.

Sunflowers (single and branching) - Because they make me smile. Everytime.

Helichrysum (king size formula) I grew mixed, white and salmon ones and they made a great addition to bouquets and I have hundreds of flowers dried for winter work.

Statice – Easy to grow, easy to harvest, great choice of colours, excellent vase life and dry beautifully. Enough said!

Mallow – Lavatera trimestris – beautiful flowers which everybody loves :)

I’m already looking forward to next year when I can grow bigger and better blooms, see a return of my old favourites, trial new varieties and most of all be surrounded by thousands of beautiful, happy, smiley flowers x